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Registration Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for the Registration of
Educators, Administrators and Public Health Nurses

  • Applicant MUST be a registered Nurse/Midwife.
  • Before Registration application, Nurse/Midwife Educators/Public Health Nurses MUST complete the Professional Update Form (PUF).
  • All information provided MUST be accurate.
  • Applicants MUST provide valid and functional email address.
  • Applicant will receive email notification of approved PUF application.
  • Only applicant whose PUF application is approved can proceed to complete the indexing application.
  • Applicant MUST complete the post basic indexing application.
  • Applicant will receive index number that will be used to complete the registration application.
  • Public Health Nurses registration application will be cleared/approved by their various nursing institutions before payment can be done.
  • If an applicant did not apply for registration after 5years, the applicant MUST enrol and complete a refresher program before such an application can be considered. The Refresher program certificate shall be uploaded on such application.
  • If an applicant did not apply for registration 90days (3Months) after date of graduation, application will attract a penalty fee for late Registration.